Rates and Services

Bridal Hair & Make-up $230 (includes airbrush & luxury false lashes)
Bridal Make-up only $120
Bridal Hair only$110
Bridal Portrait or Trial $170 (includes airbrush)
Additional Adults Hair $85 each
Additional Adults Make-up $85 each (includes airbrush)
Flower Girls $50 - includes hair & lip gloss

Extra Fees:
Assistant Fee $30
False Lashes (other than bride) $10
Early Morning Fee for times earlier than 7am may apply
Extra fee may apply for extra long/thick hair

Photo Shoots

One Look Hair & Make-up $150
Two Looks Hair & Make-up $185

Travel Fee

All fees are charged from the Tomball, Texas area at .50 per mile - round-trip. Additional travel fee will be required if more than 2 artists are necessary.


Common Questions

Is it necessary for me to do a trial?

Trial runs are recommended for hair and makeup, but it is up to you whether you feel it is necessary or not.

Is it necessary for me or my bridesmaids to have pictures of what we want?

Having pictures of the hairstyle or makeup that you want/like is great to have as a reference. If you're not sure, we'll be happy to make suggestions. Keep in mind that everyone's hair is different, but a picture helps us to know the style you're going for.

Should I wash my hair that morning?

For most people, it is better not to wash your hair the morning of the event. It is, however, okay to wash it the night before. If you have very thin hair or you know that you have a very oily scalp, washing that morning may be better.

Should my hair be wet or dry?

You should come with your hair completely dry.

How many artists come on location the day of the wedding?

Depending on how many will be needing hair and makeup services, and the time frame, we will need to add assistants to help get everyone done in a timely manner. In general, we try to get everyone finished in no longer than 4 hours.

How long does each session/person take?

In general, it takes 30 minutes for makeup and 30-40 minutes for hair.

What is the benefit of airbrush foundation over regular foundation?

Airbrush makeup is so great because it looks fabulous in person and also looks phenomenal on camera. The airbrush makeup is also much more versatile than regular foundation because it can be as natural or as full coverage as you want it to be. It can completely cover blemishes and even tattoos and yet look like there's nothing on. The makeup does not transfer to others and best of all, it lasts at least 15 hours!

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check, or credit card for your deposit. On the day of the wedding, we will accept cash or credit card only please. Prices listed are discounted rates for cash/check payments. If paying by credit card, prices are incresaed 3%.

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